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The Danger of Demonizing Journalists
| 29 June

The Threat to Free Press Is Real Journalism is a dangerous career. At my first newspaper, a disgruntled reader drove a bus into the Mesa Tribune lobby. Fortunately, it was in the middle of the

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The Devil Plaguing Journalism
| 10 February

Devil’s Advocate: “Whenever nine people looking at the same information come to the same conclusion, it’s the 10th’s duty to disagree and actively look for evidence to the contrary.” This policy from the movie World

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Brett Levy

@charlesornstein Yes, but have you been looking at the streams of Trump supporters? They see the report as vindicating the president.

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Brett Levy

On the same day the #MuellerReport came out, the owner of #HudsonNews is buying the @realDonaldTrump-friendly… t.co/2SLJm9XfTp

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Brett Levy

Sigh. #news #FreePress t.co/vm2qdqQQuc

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Edward Padgett

Despite tough times and smaller newsrooms, local news was a star in this year’s Pulitzers t.co/e93ifuD6zj via @Poynter

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Darren Carroll

"A hedge fund notorious for making deep cuts to the newsrooms it acquires ... recently attempted a hostile takeover… t.co/cDj89kgbaG

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