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Local News Companies Need to Fight Back
| 26 September

By Brett Levy brettdl@writethru.com For months, I’ve struggled with a question I’ve been wanting to ask the news media: Isn’t it time that our industry band together and form a true challenge to Google, Facebook,

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Local News Coverage Goes Beyond Investigative Reporting
| 11 June

Shortly after moving to north Scottsdale in 2008, a community newsletter arrived in my mailbox that I found myself reading from cover to cover. Stories included a local restaurant changing ownership, the opening of a

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@DanaSchwartzzz Sorry to hear it.

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Another newspaper is thinking of becoming a nonprofit: The Fairbanks News-Miner. The paper is already owned by a no… t.co/Q4eYuvwGXl

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@byMorganWright Evil.

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@realDonaldTrump Could you PLEASE stop calling people names?

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"McClatchy Co., the second-largest newspaper publisher in the U.S. by circulation, skipped a $12 million debt-inter… t.co/UKiEAI7Sd2

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