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Trump Tries to Block David Lazarus from Testifying in Lawsuit

Donald Trump’s attorneys are trying to block LAT columnist David Lazarus from testifying in the class-action lawsuit brought by former Trump University students against the presidential candidate. Trump’s lawyers are trying to block testimony about three columns Lazarus wrote about the University:

Lazarus in 2007 attended a free seminar put on by Trump University at a hotel in Pasadena. He wrote a column describing the seminar as a sales pitch for a Trump University seminar that cost nearly $1,500. Lazarus also wrote that, despite promises of “priceless information,” the seminar provided little useful information and encouraged risky investments.

In a 2007 letter, Trump wrote to LAT editor Davan Maharaj blaming “third-rate reporters” like Lazarus for the decline of “the otherwise wonderful profession of journalism:”

To Mr. Maharaj: I am worth many billions of dollars, am building large scale developments all over the world, am considered by many to be, by far, the hottest name in real estate, and I have to read an article by a third-rate reporter in your newspaper that my “primary claim to fame” is hosting The Apprentice. Unlike many other people that make their money giving seminars, I made my money in real estate and, as your reporter should have known, I never filed for bankruptcy. In Los Angeles, for instance, I own (100%) one of the most successful and highly-rated golf courses in the State of California, Trump National in Palos Verdes. This golf and residential development, which fronts over a long stretch of the Pacific Ocean, was purchased for a mere fraction of its current worth — and that is what I teach at Trump University. When your reporter called me two weeks ago to ask questions about Trump University, a very successful though very small part of my business holdings, this reporter sounded like a real “wise-guy”. Unfortunately, there are too many such people in the otherwise wonderful profession of journalism. With people like this working for the Los Angeles Times, I now see why it is a newspaper in a tailspin both from an advertising and circulatory standpoint. Try getting rid of your “bad apples” like this and I bet you will do a lot better — and by the way in last season’s Apprentice the Los Angeles Times was all too anxious to partake in one of its episodes.

Note that the physical letter varies a bit from the one posted on the LAT website, though I have no idea why. (Links in comments.) In the physical letter, the P.S. is a classic Trump move:

“P.S. The picture, however, was great!”