Tronc, Gannett, McClatchy invest in Moonlighting

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I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Gannett, McClatchy and Tronc are investing in a company called Moonlighting, which is a newish player in the gig economy. Combined, the three companies are providing $2.3 million in additional funding to Moonlighting.

From the press release:

Each company has agreed to incorporate Moonlighting into its digital and mobile media platform and they will promote through 140 local media outlets including leading news publications like The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, Arizona Republic, Detroit Free Press, the Charlotte Observer and USA TODAY.


“By investing in Moonlighting, these three industry leaders are showing how committed they are in delivering innovative digital solutions that can help their readers build their own freelance careers,” said Moonlighting CEO and co-founder Jeff Tennery. “For decades, Gannett, McClatchy, and Tronc have been at the forefront of creating commerce in their local communities. Now with Moonlighting, they can help millions of people succeed in the new gig economy.”

Presumably, these three media companies are hoping that Moonlighting becomes the Uber of the gig economy. Curious as to how Moonlighting works, I downloaded the app to see if there are any freelance writing/editing jobs available. Hah! There isn’t even a category for us though I was surprised to find someone asking for $200 an hour for lawn care in Michigan. I also noticed that only those seeking work were posting ads while employers were noticeably absent.

I may post my skills on the site once the expansion into the Phoenix area commences. I’ll let you know if anyone will pay me $200 and hour to rake their gravel.


Here is the Android version of the App: