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Date: July 19, 2017

Online: bit.ly/2kExIOy

Desert Project Sparks Debate

Because the Desert Edge is such a big story for McDowell Mountain Ranch and the rest of Scottsdale, we added four pages to our September edition. In effect, we distilled over 700 pages of reports into something a lot more manageable for you. While the print newsletter won’t be in the mail for a few days yet – printing presses and the U.S. mail take time – we wanted to get our pdf version out to you as soon as possible. Also in our September newsletter:

• Scottsdale OKs 15 new homes in MMR
• Business of the Month: How to make buying cars so much easier
• Our mystery building update
• CASY preschool opens in MMR
• A look at reverse mortgages

Here is our newsletter.

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