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Client: Parents' Choice Children's Media & Toy Reviews

Date: October 8, 2016

Online: bit.ly/2cZQXyt

Review by Lynne Heffley
Amazing Water: An Introduction to Classical Music (by Ana Gerhard)

Fall 2016 Audio Book
Ages: 4 – 9 yrs.
Producer: The Secret Mountain
CD Price: $16.95

What a gorgeous way to introduce children (and interested adults) to classical music. Each component of this book-and-CD package has been crafted with care, from the well-chosen musical selections to artist Margarita Sada’s evocative illustrations, to the explanatory text, written with a storyteller’s eye for color and detail. (It begins with a written commentary about water itself-as a source of life and destruction, a focus for community and ritual, and an inspiration for artists.) Among the nearly 45 minutes of water-themed classical symphonic, solo, and vocal works excerpted from recordings by world-class orchestras are “The Drop of Water Etude” for guitar by Fernando Sor, Claude Debussy’s “Play of the Waves,” from “La Mer” (“The Sea)”; “Agitated by Two Winds,” from the Vivaldi opera, “Griselda”; “The Storm,” the fourth movement of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6; and the breathtaking “Rain Tree” (for percussion) by Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu. In addition to the accompanying commentaries for each piece, the book features a listening guide, profiles of each composer, a glossary of musical terms, and a composer timeline. Outstanding.

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