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Client: Parents' Choice Children's Media & Toy Reviews

Date: October 8, 2016

Online: bit.ly/2d3EzZe

Review by Lynne Heffley
You’ve Got Me

Fall 2016 Music
Ages: 3 – 8 yrs.
Producer: Sara Lovell
CD Price: $15.00

With imaginative lyrics, sparkling harmonies, intriguing musical layers-and above all, writing, instrumentation, and performance shaped to match the mood and content of each winning song-pop/rock artist Sara Lovell taps into that place in childhood where the everyday can become fantastical at the drop of a hat. Here wackiness and a hint of magic infuse the telling of a dream in “Furry Alligator Puppy,” related in prose. “I Can’t Wait” nails a kid’s eager anticipation for upcoming fun; a percussive jazz beat sends “Oh I’m Bored” toward the antidote that awaits. Socks “slither out of drawers” to party at midnight, scary monsters meet their match, hearts connect with “An Unbreakable Cord” (no matter how far children roam). And then there is the exquisite “Run Fast Little Rabbit,” segueing from “Run fast my little rabbit/Over green grass filled with daffodils” to the star-lit flight of a little rocket, to this wistful observation of time passing: “For all our yearning/These moments streak by/Don’t close your eyes.”

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