The Danger of Demonizing Journalists

The Threat to Free Press Is Real Journalism is a dangerous career. At my first newspaper, a disgruntled reader drove a bus into the Mesa Tribune lobby. Fortunately, it was

The Devil Plaguing Journalism

Devil’s Advocate: “Whenever nine people looking at the same information come to the same conclusion, it’s the 10th’s duty to disagree and actively look for evidence to the contrary.” This

Trump Against Latimes

Trump Tries to Block David Lazarus from Testifying in Lawsuit Donald Trump’s attorneys are trying to block LAT columnist David Lazarus from testifying in the class-action lawsuit brought by former

Women’s Leadership Accelerator

The application deadlines for the 2017 Women’s Leadership Accelerator program are fast approaching. There are two tuition-free programs: one is sponsored by the Online News Association and the other by

Tom Gorman retiring from Las Vegas Sun

Las Vegas Sun Executive Editor Tom Gorman (and all-around good guy) announced that he is retiring after Friday this week. Gorman worked for the Los Angeles Times for 32 years.

Tronc, Gannett, McClatchy invest in Moonlighting

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Gannett, McClatchy and Tronc are investing in a company called Moonlighting, which is a newish player in the gig economy. Combined,

Plans for LAT Lot

30-story condo planned near Times’ parking structure The new owners of Times-Mirror Square plan to build a 30-story condo tower to replace “Joe’s Parking” lot, LA.Curbed is reporting: Plans were

Did Ferro Want Sun-Times?

Gannett bid may have trounced Tronc plans Crain’s is reporting that Gannett’s bid for Tronc may have messed up plans to buy the Chicago Sun-Times, which Michael Ferro reportedly donated

LA Times sued

Pulitzer winner charges age discrimination Pulitzer-Prize winning Jeff Gottlieb filed a lawsuit against the LA Times and Editor Davan Maharaj on claims of age discrimination under federal and state laws.

NYT Print Ads drop 14 percent

Advertising dropped 12 percent for the New York Times Company in the second quarter, Politico reports. The 14 percent drop in print advertising closely mirrors the declines at McClatchy and