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Lady Brett

She’s Scheherazade, Auntie Mame, the Pied Piper. She’s the golden child, raised in luxury, ahead of her time, a confidant of the famous and infamous. She’s Brett Howard and she’s bedridden, sharing a sparse white room at a rest home, with no phone, no family and rarely a visitor for

Guns and Roses

SAN JOSE — Moonlight and roses, cozy dinners, cool sheets in an elegant hotel. Mystery and intrigue. My prince on a white steed. A storybook weekend of romance, you’d say. Pass me the Ben Gay and a couple of aspirin, and let me tell you . . . First the

The Deal Hunters

LAKE ELSINORE — Armed with hair-trigger credit cards, we set out at daybreak. In two days, my shopping buddy Denise and I hit three outlet malls. We started at the San Diego Factory Outlet Center, which is really in San Ysidro, swung back to the Lake Elsinore Outlet Center, which


Chasing commas from coast to coast

I know how hard it is to write just what you want to say. I’m an expert at helping writers find the right path and get their ideas on paper in a way that preserves the writer’s voice and ideas but lets the words flow. I’m a specialist in smoothing text in a way that will keep a reader (or agent, publisher or studio head) reading what you’ve written.

I’ve been an editor since 1981, working at the Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Austin American-Statesman and other metropolitan newspapers. My book clients have included Taylor Publishing, Algonquin Books and several independent writers. My magazine work has included Texas Football and Hero Complex.

My work includes book development, coaching, initial editing, copy editing, proofreading, galley proofing and index checks. I’ve also been a reporter, staff writer and a freelance writer.

I’m a member of the American Copy Editors Society and the Journalism and Women Symposium.


wecaneditMy basic fee ranges from $50 to $100 an hour. The top rate is for substantive editing and collaboration. Often for copy editing or proofreading, I’ll charge $75 or even less if it’s a project that has already been well-edited. I also have a “friends and family” discount that can be broadly interpreted to mean you know someone I know who can vouch for you. I generally send an invoice after my editing is completed or as major sections are finished.

Writing is a process that can be very lonely and extremely personal. I’ve had many years of working with writers who loved being edited and writers who loathed it. If I find we can’t work together, or you find you don’t like the direction of the editing, we don’t need a divorce court to break up. I’m glad to help a writer find another editor. But I get paid for work done, and I also expect to be paid a $200 breakup fee to compensate for any jobs I might have turned down in anticipation of a process that could have lasted weeks or months longer. That said, there should never be any hard feelings, just progress forward.

logo-footerIt’s your work. It’s your name
Please know that you are responsible for what you write. I will do my best to check facts if something seems amiss, but I do not sign indemnity clauses. And I do not work on spec. I get paid once the work is performed and returned, not upon publication or acceptance.

Please know that editing is a process you need to budget for ahead of time. I do not offer payment plans. Once you’ve been given an invoice, you have 30 days to pay. If payment is not received in 30 days, the amount due is subject to a 10% surcharge per month late.


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